You Got the Resume – So Now What? 6 Ways for Job Seekers To Be Visible

Career Search Series – Part 3

The intent of this series of posts is to provide practical tips, and guidance from an HR pro’s perspective. Unemployment and job loss continue to be a pressing issue and we can’t forget the impact it is having on job seekers and the community at large.

Building on the second article in this series that addressed building your marketing package, this post focuses on tips for being visible to others when you are seeking work.

You Got the Resume – So Now What? 6 Ways for Job Seekers To Be Visible

Job seekers are often comforted by the fact that they have an updated resume so they are ready start looking on-line.  They scour the on-line postings and hope to see roles that they can/want to apply to. This is however, only one way to find a new job and there are more effective ways to be visible to potential employers. 

Years ago when I was delivering career search workshops at a large professional services firm, we talked about the hidden job market – meaning 70% of roles were not posted.  According to Matt Youngquist, President of Career Horizons, ”most people – they are spending 70% or 80% of their time surfing the net versus getting out there, talking to employers, taking some chances [and] realizing that the vast majoring of hiring is friends and acquaintances hiring other trusted friends and acquaintances.”

People want to hire people they know and the best way for that to happen is to network!  Being visible is about exploring and expanding your network.  Once you stop cringing, there are ways to network that don’t involve talking to rooms of strangers about your job loss.  

Let’s look at six ways to be more visible so that others can help you find that next great role.

Friends, Family and Colleagues and Bosses

These are people you trust and they care about you and your success.  They are the people you tell first after a job loss and they should be the ones you reach out to first as well.  You know them so tell them what you really want so they can tell others. I have hired great employees by referrals from other employees or colleagues – it saved me time and money. Don’t underestimate the power of these networks and the importance of connecting to them.


Recruiters look at LinkedIn all the time and it’s a critical way to increase your visibility. People in professional circles can find you easily and if your profile is well written, you can show up in searches, based on key words in your profile. Use it to research companies, build connections or create a short posts to show off your knowledge and thought leadership.  If you’re not on LinkedIn, make a point of doing so immediately.

Information Interviews

Want to learn more about your next dream job?  Use your network to set up an information interview with someone who does the work you want to do, or is in an industry you want to learn about.  Make sure you research thoroughly, know what you want to ask, and keep it 30-45 minutes in length. 

Meet-Ups and Networking Events

These can be scary but don’t need to be. Bring a friend, take a deep breath, and look up local networking events or groups where you can be seen and find others who you can help or can help you. BTW, coffees count too! Take some business cards and make a point of speaking with 2-3 people per event. If you’re introverted by nature, check out @davebyrnes for some helpful networking tips.

Alumni and Professional Associations

Haven’t been to an event in a while or kept in touch with your old school or association?  Volunteer to help out with an event, mentor a younger professional and attend events to connect with others.   

On-line Search

Job search sites, search firms, recruitment agencies and company websites are the traditional places where roles are posted on-line and are a key part of  job search. Check Facebook, Twitter and local events sites too as they will keep you up to speed on what’s happening in your area and roles can be posted there too.

Use these six ways to  Be Visible. Your story is unique and it is worth sharing.

Our final article in this series will focus on ways to stay motivated during your search.

Pauline Greenidge

Pauline Greenidge is an HR Consultant and Chartered Professional in Human Resources. She empowers others to create positive employee experiences. Her book A Grand Dinner Party is available on and

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