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Upward HR utilizes a three-step formula to help you create a workplace environment where frontline leaders recognize and engage the possibilities and the strengths within themselves and their teams. This builds a successful, adaptable and resilient organization and maximizes your ROI.

We’ll help you gain Clarity, which creates a sense of teamwork and confidence in your organization. Your people will better understand their roles, the company goals and how they contribute to achieving them. They will be better equipped to do their work – and feel good about plugging in and working as a team.

We’ll review and establish your organization’s Resilience – the ability for your people to find their own ways to adapt and remain effective. They will see that things may change, but in a more manageable and less stressful way. Building resilience will help your company ride the inevitable waves as the world of work changes and evolves.

The direct result of clarity and resilience is Belonging. Your team will feel like they connect and belong, and through belonging, each member of your team will feel personal ownership in the organization’s mission, goals and outcomes.

To meet your organizational goals, we offer team effectiveness and individual coaching, workshops and group training programs.

Team Possibilities Program

Design the possibilities for your team in a 6-week program designed to help your team strengthen relationships, create resilience and reinvent how you can work together better. This accelerated, cost-effective program will help your team get clear on what’s working and what’s not, manage disruption, burnout and create a clear path forward for success. As experienced HR professionals and leaders, we will be your guide and use tried and true methods to get great results in a short amount of time.

Individual Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching program is designed for busy professionals who want more clarity and confidence in their career. This 6-month program is customized to your situation, needs and goals – to help you get clear on your strengths, and show you how to effectively utilize them at work to build confidence and advance your career.

Using a Compassionately Blunt™ and supportive approach, we identify the areas you want to focus on and help you create a personal brand that will distinguish you in your work. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute call to get started.

Not quite ready for a coaching program? An assessment is the first step to learning how to embrace your unique values, preferences and style to advance your personal and professional growth. Package includes a personality assessment report, key coaching tools and a 2-hour one-on-one personal coaching session. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to schedule your assessment.


These customizable and content-rich workshops and trainings provide experiential learning in module format. Each workshop comes with a workbook that contains immediately actionable tools and templates for participants. Trainings are delivered on-line or in person.

Frontline Leadership Fundamentals – Get clear on your role as a people leader and how can you make a difference right away. From hiring to exiting employees respectfully, learn how you can be more effective managing your employees.

Giving, Receiving and Seeking Feedback Effectively – Learn how to give, receive and seek feedback and practice difficult conversations that have impact.

The Power of Collaboration – Discover effective methods to create and support team collaboration in today’s remote/hybrid workplace.

Planning professional development or team building activities? These workshops will enhance your team’s effectiveness and support your team culture.

Let’s connect to discuss how a customized workshop can give you and your team the tools to work together better.

Human Resources Consulting

Have an HR question or project that you need help with? Or, do you need some advice around people strategies? Get the human resources support you need, when you need it.