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Blue Jays are fiercely bold and intelligent. As a songbird, they can mimic the sounds of other birds to protect their own nests and warn other birds of pending danger. Blue Jays are fearless, clear and powerful communicators.

Being a clear communicator is essential for leaders, but it is not easy. Over the years, I have seen many times where a leader and employee or team have had a conversation, but end up not at all clear on what was said or expected.

Clear and Powerful Communication:

  • Provides clarity
  • Helps us feel seen and heard
  • Makes a difference and retains employees

As you approach performance evaluations, work planning sessions, or development conversations this year, do you feel prepared to be clear and communicate your messages effectively?

If you want to provide clarity to your team and retain your employees, here are 4 key questions you need to be able to answer for your them:

  • How am I doing? – Identifies their status clearly. Employees want your reaction to their work.
  • What do I need to keep doing?  – Reinforces positives and increase their visibility at work.
  • What do I need to do differently? – Enables development conversations.
  • What does the company need more of from me? – Creates connection to employee strengths and company values.

If you want to further develop your inner Blue Jay (fearless!) communication or feedback skills that create more clarity, I offer customized:

  • Team effectiveness and Individual coaching
  • Virtual and in-person team development workshops with immediately actionable tools

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Pauline Greenidge

Pauline Greenidge is an HR Consultant and Chartered Professional in Human Resources. She empowers others to create positive employee experiences. Her book A Grand Dinner Party is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.

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