What Our Clients are Saying

Working with Pauline and Upward HR was an incredible experience for our team. We were having some challenges with several team members inability to communicate effectively and some negative emotions were surfacing. Our concern was that if this continued we may lose one or both members and this could create a negative corporate cultural energy for our group. Pauline was effective in allowing members to demonstrate their personality types and unveil some characteristics we didn’t even know we had! The results speak for themselves. Our team feels like a cohesive group and can now communicate understanding different personality types. We would highly recommend Pauline and Upward HR with any HR or team building issue that your organization has. 

John Bogle D.M.D., M.S., F.R.C.D.(C), Springborough Endodontics

During the time Pauline reported to me, she built solid and respectful relationships with her client group, which included some strong personalities and senior leaders. She was a great communicator and always offered fit for purpose wisdom and bite sized pieces of advice for stressed leaders so they could see how to be successful. Pauline has high integrity, high exceptional and emotional intelligence and the highest ethical standards alongside an empathetic approach. Her direct approach, ability to read a room well and insight into knowing when to take action and when to step back made her a valuable team member. She is an outstanding HR professional. 

Mary Benassi, Retired, Former VP HR

“Pauline is able to adapt and add meaningful value to any situation. Her strength is meeting clients where they are and leading them to what and who they want to become. As a gifted author and public speaker she frames her message and content with easy to follow and fun analogies. Everyone who has the pleasure and privilege in meeting her is drawn in by her beautiful smile and contagious and delightful sense of humour.”

Jan Eden, Executive Coach

“Pauline really has our best interests in mind — she doesn’t arrive with an agenda or solution. She  has really become an invaluable part of our team, even though shes not an employee. Her approach is always balanced — a combination of strategy and risk management. Pauline is always focused on outcomes and is always accessible.” 

Bernadette Majdell, CEO HomeSpace

“One of the things I appreciated about working with Pauline is that she took a structured approach. She would spend time first understanding our needs and then provide recommendations and a process. She was a thought partner and acted more as a consultant, rather than moving right into tactics. As a process driven person, that was helpful. Pauline was always accessible when issues were escalated to her. She was also someone who was enjoyable to work with and has a great sense of humour.”

MaDonald Oguike, former client

“Pauline was incredible to work with and could always be depended upon. Consistently good in her role, I was able to delegate a significant amount of work to her to reduce my own overfull workload. She always delivered great results and on time. Pauline was a tremendous communicator and delightful to work with.”

Heather Eddy, Human Resources Executive